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Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

Series Name Series Description
Access to Justice

What is the biggest problem facing the legal profession?  The Chief Justice of Canada says it is access to justice.  Research suggests that almost half of Canadian adults will experience a significant legal problem over a three year period, but very few will find legal services to deal with that problem.  So why doesn’t access to justice (“A2J”) have a higher public profile? Find out how and why this problem touches the lives of a majority of Canadians not just now, but throughout their lives. Learn about access to justice by joining the discussion though Green College’s Interdisciplinary Speaker Series on Access to Justice.

Adapting to Global Changes in Oceans and Fisheries The oceans are changing at an unprecedented rate because of human activities, particularly through climate change, fishing, pollution, and habitat destruction. There is a growing concern among marine scientists, policy makers and stakeholders over the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the capacity to produce seafood. Given the scale of these environmental changes, it is imperative that we understand the responses, vulnerabilities and impacts of this changing ocean to develop strategies to adapt. We aim to provide a concise overview of the latest research findings about the state of the oceans and the projected future conditions under climate change, as well as the implications for biodiversity and fisheries, case studies on vulnerable regions and communities, and how market-oriented solutions and international policies can facilitate adaptation. This seminar series will bring together experts working in a diverse range of fields, from ecology and indigenous knowledge to economics and technology development, to engage in discussion on equitable and socially just strategies for adaptation to global changes.
ARCTIC-WISE: Bridging Northern Knowledges of Change ARCTIC-WISE: Bridging Northern Knowledges of Change is a three-year, cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral consultation on the Arctic led by Green College and the UBC Polar Club in partnership with the Canadian Polar Commission and the Vancouver Aquarium. ARCTIC-WISE seeks to promote the sharing of knowledge(s) and resources between: UBC students, teachers and researchers across disciplines; Arctic scholars and policy experts worldwide; members of northern communities; the publics of British Columbia and its region.
Early Music Vancouver at Green College See below under "Community Partner Lectures"
Green College Leading Scholars Series Consistent with the mission of Green College to promote cross-disciplinary discourse, in the Fall of 2014 we named 12 recently appointed UBC faculty members into the first GC Leading Scholars cohort. The following disciplines and fields are represented: Anthropology and First Nations Languages, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Computing Science, Educational Studies, English, Global Environmental Change and Food Security, Law, Neurology and Psychology.  Over the past year, these scholars have shared ideas and developed connections across disciplinary and field boundaries. This series provides opportunities for the rest of the Green College community to share in their cross-disciplinary conversations.
Green College Special Lecture These are lectures that are specially cultivated and often are one-time experiences.
Resident Members' Series The Green College Members' Series each week features a different presenter (or presenters) from among the resident members of Green College. Graduate students and postdoctoral and visiting scholars are encouraged to offer talks on their areas of research or study and, as appropriate, to bring in their research colleagues from outside the College too. Like all academic programming at the College, these talks are open not just to Green College members, but to the community at large both within and beyond UBC.
Senior Scholars' Series: The Passions that Drive Academic Life This series is convened on behalf of Green College and the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti. It provides opportunities for senior academics to describe their personal experiences and journeys through their own academic careers. Presenters will distil a lifetime of scholarly work. Some will examine the new projects that have grown out of that work; others may reflect upon their changing attitudes to university life. The series is multidisciplinary and gives expression to the speakers' mature and personal insights. The speakers hope to engage Green College residents and other graduate students with senior faculty, to expose the academic community to UBC's most experienced academics, and to welcome the greater UTown/Point Grey neighbourhood to the richness of academic life at UBC.
The Next Urban Planet: Rethinking the City in Time Over half the world's population now lives in cities, and ebullient urbanists envision a future of growth, opportunity and prosperity based on the development potential of cities. Yet the futuristic promises of a cosmopolitan planetary urbanization ignore crucial interconnections of present, past, and future -- intensifying the trenchant ecological and social challenges of an ever-expanding urban "ecological footprint" upon earth's degraded environment, and the troubling growth of social inequality and marginality among the world's urban dwellers. These issues are prevalent even among the most reputedly 'successful' and 'advanced' cities and societies, such as London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and (within the "Cascadia" bioregion), Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Endowed Lectureships

Series Name Series Description
Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor

Cecil Green began his engineering studies at the University of British Columbia, and endowed the Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professorships Program (CIGVP) out of gratitude to his alma mater. The CIGVP Program was inaugurated in 1972 with public lectures by Gerhard Herzberg, Canadian recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The goals of the CIGVP Program are to enhance the intellectual environment of Green College and to provide opportunities for UBC students and faculty and interested members of the public to interact with outstanding scholars and intellectuals from outside the Province of British Columbia. Green Visiting Professors usually stay at Green College and give a series of presentations in different venues and for a variety of audiences over a period of a week or so. They are selected and invited by the College's Academic Committee on the basis of nominations received from the campus community.

Dal Grauer Memorial Lectureship The Dal Grauer Memorial Lectureship held its first lecture in 1966 in memory of A.E. Dal Grauer. He was President of the BC Electric Company and was serving a second term as Chancellor of the University of British Columbia when he died in 1961. The lectures reflect Dal Grauer's wide range of interests: the arts, especially music and literature; economics; science; and social and political concerns. Previous Dal Grauer Memorial Lecturers include economist John Kenneth Galbraith, architect Buckminster Fuller, biologist George Wald, novelist Margaret Atwood, pianist Richard Goode, philosopher John Ralston Saul, economist Michael Adams, and neurologist Helen Mayberg.
Richard V. Ericson Lecture

Richard V. Ericson (1948-2007), BA, MA, PhD, LittD, FRSC, was Professor of Criminology and Sociology (1974-1993, 2005-2007) and Director of the Centre of Criminology (1992-1993, 2005-2007) at the University of Toronto; Professor of Sociology and of Law, Distinguished University Professor, and founding Principal of Green College at the University of British Columbia (1993-2003); and Professor of Criminology, Director of the Centre for Criminological Research, and Professorial Fellow of All Souls College, at the University of Oxford (2004-2005). He was a Canada Council Killam Research Fellow in 1998-2000 and held visiting appointments at universities in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. His many acclaimed publications spanned police work, crime reporting, risk and regulation, insurance and governance, and the sociology of knowledge. He was especially proud of his role in the creation of Green College at UBC as a unique combination of residential academic community and public venue for non-curricular, interdisciplinary inquiry.

The Richard V. Ericson lecture series his held annually, and invites lecturers of national or international reputation to speak on topics of broad interdisciplinary interest. It was inaugurated in 2011 by Andrew Coyne, National Editor of Maclean's Magazine. The lectures are partly funded from the Richard V. Ericson Lecture Endowment. To learn more about the endowment fund, please visit the Green College "Start an Evolution" webpage.

Community Partner Lectures

Series Name Series Description
Early Music Vancouver at Green College Early Music Vancouver is pleased to return this season for the seventh successive year with a series of talks and chamber music concerts, featuring artists who will be appearing also in its Main Winter Series. These concerts will offer Green College residents and friends an opportunity to hear and discuss early music repertoire in an intimate and informal setting.
The Vancouver Institute Lectures

The Vancouver Institute, an all-volunteer organization, has been in operation since 1916 to bring university and community together. Addresses and discussions have always been without entry charge so that financial considerations would not limit attendance. Speakers contribute their knowledge without fee and the costs of bringing out-of-town authorities to Vancouver are met by voluntary subscriptions and welcome donations from public-minded citizens.