Resident Members

Spring coffee house 2015
Resident Members perform at the Spring 2015 Coffee House put on by the Arts Committee. Photo by Madeline Couse

As a Resident Member at Green College, you have countless opportunities to get involved and shape your community.

Join a committee, perform in a Coffee House, play for our soccer team, or even create your own initiative. Your Green College experience is what you make it.

Interested in becoming a Resident Member? Apply here.

Residence Contract

Membership at Green College is lifelong, however residency is limited to a set number of years. All Resident Members must sign a Residence Contract (a tenancy agreement) through Student Housing and Hospitality Services. A copy of the contract can be seen here.

Resident's Handbook

In addition to the Residence Contract, Green College has a Resident's Handbook. This handbook contains supplemental information about how to live at Green College and what is expected of you as Resident Member. This handbook and the Resident's contract are collectively the “College’s Policies.” The latest handbook can be found here.

Resident's Group Photo

Every year Green College holds its Spring Gala for its Resident Members and a group photo is taken. The 2016/17 group photo can be downloaded here.