Top 30 under 30

Green College Society Member Marc Schutzbank was a Fulbright Scholar at UBC, exploring the economic viability of urban farming in Land and Food Systems while a Resident Member of Green College. He says that life at the College taught him how to harness the power of a diverse community. Whether he and fellow Greenies were discussing modern slavery at a Passover Seder, which he co-hosted, or pondering how to portray Shakespeare’s fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which he acted, Marc learnt that "it’s only by working with people from different backgrounds, philosophies, lifestyles, that we can make long-term systems change." After his time at Green College he became the Executive Director at Fresh Roots, a non-profit organization working with school communities for access to healthy food, land, and community.BC Business recognized Fresh Roots’ Marc Schutzbank as one of 2017’s top 30 under 30.