Green Lanterns

  • The Green Lanterns are a group of trained Resident Members of Green College who are committed to providing peer-level social support and problem solving assistance.

    We are here for you...

    • If you want advice on how to work through an interpersonal problem
    • If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed with your studies
    • If you would like a mediator for a problem with another resident
    • If there is a community issue but you prefer to talk to a resident rather than office staff
    • If you are feeling lonely, depressed, homesick, or unsafe
    • If you need advice or help accessing UBC support resources
    • If you just need someone sympathetic to talk to, about anything at all.

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We are here to support you, and we will be more than happy to hear from you.

    Click here to submit an anonymous comment, set up an appointment, or submit a comment for anonymous advice.

  • 2017-2018 Green Lanterns

  • Audrey Aday
    Audrey Aday

    Audrey is a second-year MA student in social / personality psychology. Her work examines the impact of stereotyping and prejudice in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and aims to develop interventions designed to reduce gender bias in STEM. Outside of the lab, she enjoys listening to records, drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee, and making friends with local woodland critters. Drop by anytime to join her for said activities, or to simply say hello and chat!

  • Rachele Benjamin
    Rachele Benjamin

    Rachele is a first-year PhD student studying social/personality psychology. This is ironic, because of her very strange social behaviour/personality. Rachele is interested in movies, TV, food, desserts, complaining about exercise, and complaining in general. She also likes to meet new people, listen and learn from her peers, and help them in any way she can. Drop by her room for a friendly conversation, some advice, or anything else you may need.

  • Maria Angelica Guerrero Quintana
    Maria Angélica Guerrero Quintana

    Maria is a first-year MA student in Educational Studies. She works as a trainer in the development of tools for positive conflict transformation using participatory, creative and artistic pedagogies and methodologies. One of her passions is being an artisan and weaver full of curiosity for different arts and crafts. Find her if you ever need to talk, or complain, she will always be available for you.

  • Woo-Cheol Kim
    Woo-Cheol Kim

    Woo-cheol is a second year PhD student in human geography focusing on the interactions between everyday politics and local development in East Asia. He is interested in listening to where you are from, what it is like in your town, city, or country, and what you feel about different places. In his free time, he walks around and enjoys the weather on the beach or in the park, or watches Starcraft 1 matches on YouTube. He has an ambitious goal of visiting every park and beach in Vancouver while he is living here. If you have trouble in getting used to your new life here, he will be your fellow traveller who has the same feeling and is willing to listen to you.

  • Hercend Mpidi Bita
    Hercend Mpidi Bita

    Hercend is currently doing a PhD in Wood Science after a Masters in Structural Engineering. He is working on improving the structural behaviour of tall timber buildings under extreme loading events such as earthquake, explosions or any other malicious actions. Hercend is a Manchester United fan and also likes volleyball, basketball and driving. He loves being around people to laugh and to have some fun. He’s always up for some tea and crackers or ice cream so never hesitate to come around.