Will You Be My Hands? Exploring Mixed-Ability Artistic Collaboration
Kate Collie, Oncology, University of Alberta; Visiting Scholar in Residence at Green College Mia Weinberg, Vancouver Artist
Coach House, Green College, UBC
April 24 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Kate Collie, MFA PhD, is visiting Green College from the University of Alberta and the Arts in Medicine program at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Mia Weinberg, BSc DipFA MA, is a Vancouver artist specializing in public art who has been Kate's primary artistic collaborator since 2000. Kate recently lost some use of her hands. In their latest collaboration, she and Mia are making paintings with mainly Mia's hands and mainly Kate's ideas.

Please join Kate and Mia for an interactive exploration of mixed-ability art making. They will show you what they have been doing during Kate's residency at Green College and give you a taste of how it feels to let someone else be your hands.

Kate and Mia are both British born Canadians with ties to the US. Kate had a twenty year career as a visual artist before entering the field of Arts and Health. She currently holds an academic position in the oncology department at the University of Alberta and a clinical position as a psychologist and art therapist in the psychosocial and spiritual resources department at the Cross Cancer Institute. She has degrees from the University of Massachusetts and UBC and did a post-doctoral fellowship in psycho-oncology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Mia received her training from the University of Surrey, UK, Emily Carr University, and Simon Fraser University

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