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Aside from the socializing, the food on offer is what makes a reception memorable. Give “flavour” to your event by putting together a reception menu with anything from cheeses, dried fruit and nuts, to prawns or veggies and dip, to pastries or finger sandwiches. Create a unique reception experience by consulting the sample menu and price list below. Explore your options; combining items can lower overall cost considerably.

Please note that all alcoholic beverages served on Green College licensed premises must come from inventory purchased by The Green College Dining Society. The GCDS can provide a hosted bar or cash bar for your event, provided that food is also served. See Bars and Alcoholic Beverages.

To request a catering quote for your event at Green College, or for more information, make a Venue Booking Request online or contact .

Sample Menu Item *

Sample Price **
(per person)

Canadian and imported cheeses, bread, crackers, fresh and dried fruit, nuts


Assorted finger sandwiches


Black bean hummus with pita triangles

$34.00 (serves 20)

Sliced, raw vegetables with fresh herb dip


Three flavours of corn chips with salsa

$21.00 per large basket

Mini quiches, spanikopitas, stuffed jalapenos, quesadillas


Steamed, peeled tiger prawns with dipping sauce

$30.00 per dozen

Assorted mini pastries, tarts and squares

$27.00 per dozen

* Menu items are samples. The GCDS chef can create unique menus tailored to your event and special requirements. Suggestions are welcome on the Venue Booking Request online, or contact .

** Prices are samples, applicable only for internal UBC bookings, and are subject to change (external groups should inquire about availability and rates). Please make a Venue Booking Request online or contact to obtain a catering quote for your event at Green College, or for more information.