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Rates: Please note that sample prices listed on this website are applicable for internal UBC bookings only (external groups should inquire about availability and rates; contact ).

For sample menus and prices, see Continental Breakfasts, Lunches, Coffee Breaks, Special Dinners, and Receptions. Also see Additional Fees and Taxes below.

Catering Exclusivity: The Green College Dining Society (GCDS) Executive Chef caters all in-house functions (no external food or beverages of any type can be brought on site). In accordance with BC Health code, the GCDS is responsible for all food and beverage consumed on the premises. No other catering providers can be used without the express permission from the Executive Chef of the GCDS. Our liquor license stipulates that all alcohol must be purchased via the GCDS (see Bars and Alcoholic Beverages below).

Facilities are available to rent by UBC units only. Bookings for catered wedding events (such as receptions or dinners) may only be made by current or society members of Green College. Catering bookings are subject to availability.

Bars and Alcoholic Beverages: As dictated by Provincial Liquor Legislation, all alcoholic beverages served on Green College licensed premises must come from inventory purchased by The Green College Dining Society from the B.C. Liquor Control Board. You may take home excess bottles of wine, if sealed by the GCDS. Other alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.

Hosted Bar: The host pays for the bar beverages consumed during the event as well as bartender labour charges. Prices are subject to applicable taxes and gratuity. Beverage tickets are available upon request.

Cash Bar: Guests purchase their own beverages.  The host pays for bartender labour charges only.  Beverage prices include applicable taxes and gratuity. Food must also be served.

Custom Menus: We are happy to create menus to accommodate vegetarians, persons with food sensitivities and allergies, as well as theme menus to suit your occasion. Because the GCDS kitchen is not a nut-free kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any dish will be free of nut products.

Clients may on occasion be allowed to provide their own wedding cake or dessert, after obtaining GCDS approval. A plating fee will apply. Neither Green College nor the Green College Dining Society is responsible for any health risks posed by the consumption of outside products.

Payment: An invoice for each catered event will be issued after the event. Green College provides a unified billing service, allowing customers to pay Green College Dining Society catering invoices along with the event venue booking invoice.

Payment may be made by UBC Journal Voucher, cheque, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit card, or cash.

Additional Fees and Taxes: Taxes and gratuity are charged according to the following schedule:

Food:  5% GST, 18% gratuity
Beer/Wine:  12% GST + PST-liquor, 18% gratuity
Other:  12% GST + PST

Labour (service) charges will be added to your quote where applicable, at $30.00 per hour per server or bartender (minimum 4 hours).

Catering Quote: Upon discussing catering options and menus with the College’s Event Coordinator (at or by submitting a Venue Booking Request online), you will receive a Catering Quote sheet specific to your event. Due to the time needed to plan, order and prepare your event with the Green College Dining Society, the Catering Quote sheet must be signed and returned a minimum of 14 days before your event. If the Catering Quote is not returned by this deadline, the Green College Dining Society may not be able to provide the catering as requested.

Guarantee of Guest Count and Minimums: No later than 7 days before the event, inform the Green College Event Coordinator of an estimated number of guests. No later than 3 business days before the event, inform Green College of the guaranteed number of guests, which must be no more than 5% greater less than the estimated number. The College will bill based on the guaranteed number, or the actual number of attendees, whichever is greater.

Event Changes and Billing: If there are special requests on the day of the event (increased guest count, meal alterations, etc) and the GCDS can accommodate these changes, your final bill will be adjusted to reflect these changes. 

Cancellation Notice: Cancellations made after the quote is signed will be billed a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is a percentage of the quoted total amount, according to the following schedule:

After quote is signed, more than seven days before event: 10%
48 hours to seven days before event: 50%
Less than 48 hours before event: 75%