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The Standing Committees are the primary decision-making bodies for the College. They are advisory to the Principal and are normally chaired by the Principal. There are four places on each committee for Resident Members, who are chosen by ballot; the other four places are filled by Faculty Members of the College at the invitation of the Principal. A resident may serve on no more than one committee in a given academic year and, having served on a particular committee, will not normally be eligible to serve on the same committee again. (The point of this limitation is to ensure that experience of the College’s working mechanisms is spread widely, and that the College can benefit from a wide array of resident experience.)

Balloting for the Standing Committees occurs in September each year and the Committees remain in place for a year. The Standing Committees of the College are:

Academic Committee: The Academic Committee is responsible for the College’s interdisciplinary academic programming, including the appointments of the Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professors. The College’s Program and Communications Manager and Event Coordinator also attend. The committee meets about twice a term.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for evaluating applications for resident membership and for selecting Resident Members of the College. The College’s Administration Manager and Membership and Accommodations Clerk also attend. The committee meets monthly, with the main business of the year falling between March and July. Members of this committee should be planning to stay in residence during the spring and summer, or at least be willing to review files by e-mail while away.

Media and Communications Committee: The Media and Communications Committee helps to plan and coordinate both external publicity and publication initiatives and internal communication channels for the College. The College’s Communications Manager also attends.