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The Green College Society encompasses all former Resident Members, former Non-Resident Members (from periods when that membership category was in use) and former Faculty Members. The purpose of the Society is twofold: first, to foster continuing relationships with the College by enabling past residents and others to remain involved in the community, even from a distance; and secondly, to provide a network of contacts around the world for all those closely associated with the College, including current residents. 

Staying in Touch
Contacts between Society Members are kept up through our Facebook page, @GreenCollegeUBC Twitter account, a Society listserv, local and regional Society organizations, and Green Commons, our Society member e-newsletter.

Issue #1 Summer 2013  here

Issue #2 Winter 2014  here

Issue #3 Summer 2014  here

Issue #4 Winter 2015 here

Society Members continue to receive invitations to internal College member events; in addition, Society events are also regularly arranged. If you are not currently on a Society Member mailing list and would like to request access, please contact .

Member Directory and Website
Society Members have access to the Member Area of this website with access to photo galleries, internal documents, a Member Calendar, and an extensive Member Directory, featuring profiles of other Society Members as well as current Resident and Faculty Members. To set up your own profile and access the Member Area, request a login by contacting .

Green College Merchandise
In addition, Green College merchandise is available through the Office to purchase as keepsakes of your time at the College as a Resident, Faculty, or Non-Resident Member, and to display your continued affiliation with the College as a Society Member. Visit the Office to view our items on display and full price list. Items available include Green College mugs, water bottles, hoodies in a range of sizes, and Green College Dining Society cookbooks.

Lost Contact?
If you have lost contact with the College, submit your information on the Lost Contact? page. If you would like assistance with updating your contact information with the College, or for other inquiries related to Society Membership, please contact .