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Respect Your Neighbours: Remember that the College is meant to provide a peaceful environment. Please respect your neighbours and keep noise levels down after 10 p.m. Noise carries easily between walls and floors, and many residents need to study late into the night or awake early for classes.

Booking and Using Space at the College: Residents are allowed to use the College facilities for their own reading, study and enjoyment. Use of these spaces for a group meeting or event at a specified time need to be requested through one of the Resident Committees, who then consult with the College’s Event Coordinator on the venue booking schedule. To view when spaces have been formally booked and are unavailable for use, please consult the “This Week at Green College” memo posted in the Graham House foyer.

Room and Facility Repairs: Specific problems/repairs in your room requiring outside help need to be requested by submitting a repair request to UBC Housing through the online Housing Online Service Centre. If College-wide maintenance is scheduled by UBC Housing, a notice will be sent to residents in advance.

Guests: Residents are permitted to have a guest stay at the College for up to four (4) days in a calendar month, as specified in the Resident Contract with UBC Housing. Longer periods may be permitted, but only with permission from the office (contact to discuss, and for more information). Guests at the College can enjoy breakfasts and dinners with you, by either paying (cash-only) at the counter or by buying tickets in advance from the Green College Office (see GCDS Policies).

Safety: At several locations on campus, “blue light phones” are connected to campus security for general assistance and in case of emergency, and the AMS operates a Safewalk Program to accompany students, staff and faculty safely around campus at night. If you see someone at the College that does not appear to be a resident, please ask them if they are in need of assistance (they may just be confused, looking for an event). Please report any suspicious activity to the Green College Office. If you see obvious criminal activity, please contact Campus Security immediately at 604-822-2222 and record as many details as you can see or remember.

Recycling: There is a recycling area by the back loading dock for the GCDS Kitchen (lower back entrance of Graham House) with bins for paper products and newspaper, plastic, glass, and metal containers. You will also find a large pail in the Common Kitchen for recycling batteries, and another for compost.

Resident Storage: Storage room is available for residents for personal belongings (although please note that space is limited). Please ensure you mark your boxes clearly with your name. Contact the Office for more information.

Changing or Terminating Residence: If you would like to move to another room within the College for any reason you can submit a room transfer application at the SHHS online service centre If you wish to inquire about the possibility of receiving rent-relief for an extended absence away for the College for academic purposes, please contact in the first instance.

For all details on termination of residency before the end-date of the contract, including required notice and possible penalties for early termination, see section 7 of the Residence Contract (Departure prior to Move-Out Date).