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Faculty members who frequent Green College do so because they cherish the special opportunities the place affords for intellectual, artistic, and social engagement beyond the routine encounters of academic-disciplinary life. It is a place where academic programming aspires to get away from “the program,” where disciplines lose and reconfigure themselves, where science and art commingle, where individuals take the chance of thinking out loud with others who may not share anything with them—at least not to begin with—beyond an appetite for discussion over dinner. Above all, it is a place where graduate students, Postdoctoral Scholars, faculty members of all ranks, interested members of the public, and visitors from all over the globe are free to explore the limits of university-level discourse without feeling the constraints of formal assessment or instant accountability.

Because of this freedom, and the quality of the talent that it attracts, Green College has the continuous potential to be a seed-bed for intellectual innovation and a laboratory for social and cultural change. Green College is an instance of an amenity that only a university can afford, a place where the university exceeds itself. Those who become Faculty Members of Green College dedicate themselves to ensuring that this precious amenity is appreciated, enjoyed, and used to the full.

The role of Faculty Members of Green College is crucial to the well-being of the College as a whole and their presence and active involvement are highly prized by the graduate students and others who live at the College.

Once their term of active membership is complete, Faculty Members become part of the greater Green College Society, and receive all the benefits of Society Membership with the College.

The College’s Commitments to Its Faculty Members

The main inducement that the College offers its Faculty Members for their involvement in the College is the stimulation provided by company and conversations here. Accordingly, its primary commitment to Faculty Members is to ensure that they are as fully a part of the social and intellectual community of the College as possible, allowance made for their own non-residential status and for their non-College commitments.

Faculty Members of the College are therefore:

  • Notified of all upcoming events at the College, by weekly e-mail listings
  • Kept up-to-date with College news and linked to College discussions via a Faculty Member listserv and eNewsletter
  • Invited to the annual Welcome Dinner and Founders’ Dinner and to other special events
  • Assured of whatever support the College is able to provide for interdisciplinary, extracurricular, collaborative research projects / lecture series / workshops / conferences that they may wish to mount, subject to the normal processes of College academic review
  • Eligible for the complimentary rental of meeting-rooms (with GCDS catering, if required, at standard rates) for suitable non-College academic and/or social events that they may personally wish to host at the College, subject to availability of space and service (Note: this includes the option of holding one’s wedding at the College in the summer months.)