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  • April 15, 2014
    Astrobiologist Haley Sapers' ('12-'13) research paper "Enigmatic tubular features in impact glass" is published in Geology. A related article in Science asks: could early life on Earth have been fostered in meteorite impact craters?
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    March 13, 2014
    Ann Jones is interviewed in The Tyee by Deborah Campbell on the impact that the war in Afghanistan has had, citing the "militarized economic/political system" in the US and changes to development aid (in both US and Canada) as key issues impacting some of the hopeful changes occurring for women and children in Afghanistan.
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Unlike “fellowships” in other academic collegiate societies, Faculty Membership of Green College is not contractual, is not remunerated, and does not entail any formal teaching, supervisory, or administrative responsibilities. It is a purely voluntary commitment, motivated by a desire to enjoy and to promote the kind of social-academic life that colleges can provide and, in particular, the kind of interdisciplinary, extracurricular, non-hierarchical intellectual exchange that this College was founded to foster. It is assumed that each Faculty Member will improvise his or her own way of achieving these goals, and that each will make a visible and ongoing contribution to the common good of the College.

Specifically, it is expected that Faculty Members will involve themselves directly in the academic and social life of the College by:

  • Regularly attending lectures and other public events at the College
  • Attending, presenting their own research at, and co-hosting invited speakers with the Principal in the Tuesday evening interdisciplinary series
  • Coming to dinner at least once every two weeks on average between September and April
  • Being accessible to residents and other members of the College, past and present, who may wish to consult them on academic matters
  • Being available to serve on the College’s Standing Committees, on the Faculty Council, on the Board of the Green College Dining Society, and on ad hoc committees as required
  • Subscribing to the College’s Faculty Member listserv
  • Advising the Principal and Green College Staff

It is also expected that they will assist in:

  • Bringing College events and programs (including the Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professorships program) to the attention of students, colleagues, and others likely to be interested
  • Advertising the College to potential residents (graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars) and guests
  • Introducing fellow UBC faculty members to the College and, where appropriate, recommending them as possible Faculty Members of Green College
  • Promoting the College as a venue for university-sponsored conferences, meetings, catered events, etc.
  • Sustaining the Green College Society as a network for all those with continuing attachments to the College