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MEAL PLAN is MandatorY: Participation in the meal plan is an integral part of life and community participation at Green College. Participation in and payment of the meal plan is mandatory, and is stipulated in the residence contract. There is no opt-out from the plan.

Meal Plan Hours: Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. Dinner is served from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. The GCDS closes for a two-week break in December, but otherwise serves meals on statutory holidays.

Guests (Breakfast):
Guests are welcome at breakfast. Breakfast tickets are available for purchase from the Green College Office. Alternatively, cash (exact change) may be used for walk-in tickets. Please leave the ticket or cash in the jar in the Servery.

Guests (Dinner): Guests are also welcome at dinner, requiring a dinner reservation to be placed by noon on the business day prior to the day you and your guest wish to dine. For Sunday and Monday nights, reservations must be made by noon on Friday. The guest meal can be paid for either by a dinner ticket purchased from the Green College Office, or by cash at the Servery counter. At the meal, please give the ticket or the cash to the server when they check your reservation. 

Food Servings (Breakfast): Please keep in mind that breakfast is not a buffet; take no more than one of each of the fruit, baked goods and eggs, since the kitchen only provides enough for the number of people expected at the meal. Also note that these items cannot be substituted (for instance, even if you don’t have an egg, you still cannot take 2 pieces of fruit or 2 baked goods). Please remember that breakfast is breakfast, not lunch; take only what you need for breakfast, and please do not take bread, etc. away for other meals.

Food Servings (Dinner): Salads, rolls, etc. are not to be taken away for consumption at other meals. Seconds and/or leftovers, if available, are provided only after 7:30 pm. If you have leftovers at dinner, please use your own containers.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Please note that the kitchen prepares only a meat and vegetarian option for each dinner service, and cannot guarantee it can accommodate special dietary restrictions such as no dairy, soy, or gluten. Please enquire with the kitchen in advance to see if your dietary restrictions can be met.

Use of Other Eating Areas: Some residents choose to eat breakfast while reading the newspapers in the Reading Room or William C. Gibson Room on the first floor of Graham House. Residents who use the downstairs for breakfast are responsible for cleaning all table surfaces they use (cleaning materials are available in the Dining Hall) and they are responsible for returning all dishes, cutlery, glasses, and trays to the Dining Hall. Furthermore, the William C. Gibson Room is often used during the day by outside groups and must be kept tidy and clean.

Boxed Meals (Breakfast): If you are unable to attend breakfast early in the morning, a bagged breakfast is an option. Bagged breakfasts are available for whole weeks only (i.e., five breakfasts, from Monday through Friday), or on the same day of the week provided it is missed on a regular and consistent basis (i.e., at least 3 consecutive weeks, for instance 3 consecutive Tuesdays). To apply for a bagged breakfast, complete the form available on the clipboard by the mailboxes and return it to the office by noon of the Friday before the first breakfast to be missed. Your breakfast will be available for pick up at dinner the night before and includes a baked good, a piece of fruit, and juice. The bagged breakfast counts as your only breakfast for the day for which it was provided; if for some reason you’ve arranged for a bagged breakfast but are able to attend breakfast, please do not take additional food other than that which was provided in the bagged breakfast.

Boxed Meals (Dinner): Dining together is a central focus of Green College. All resident members are expected to participate in the dinner in the Dining Hall Sunday through Thursday. However, if you are unable to attend a dinner, you may request that the kitchen set aside your meal by using the sign-up sheet online. Boxed dinners require the purchase of a refundable meal box, payable to the kitchen staff during serving hours. (Filled) meal boxes must be signed out by you or a delegate, and should be signed in by returning the box directly to the kitchen staff. Boxes should be rinsed clean before returning them. For the full details of the meal box policy, please see our guide in the member document library on this site.

Meal Vouchers: Once a month, per person, you may substitute one boxed dinner request for a meal ticket. You can request this on the online sign-up sheet. Meal tickets can be used anytime before the expiry date, but require that you make reservations with the kitchen the day before you intend to use it. Full details are found in the guide for boxed dinners in the member document library. Reservation details are written on the dinner ticket.

Alcohol Consumption: The Dining Society holds a liquor licence, which permits serving alcohol with food in all of the public areas of Green College (i.e., all of Graham House, the Coach House and the patio areas outside Graham House and the area between the Coach House and Green Commons). This licence permits the Dining Society to serve alcohol at functions, provided that food is also being served. A variety of wines, beers and ciders are available for purchase at the dining hall during dinners. Under the terms of the liquor licence, the Dining Society must be solely responsible for the purchase and sale of alcohol in licensed areas. Therefore, the following points must be observed:

  • It is unlawful to bring alcohol into the licensed areas for consumption;
  • It is unlawful to take alcohol purchased from the Dining Society outside the licensed areas (see below*); and
  • Alcohol served in a licensed area (even for events organized by residents) must be purchased by the Dining Society and sold to participants by the Dining Society.

*The following areas are not covered by the licence: Green Commons, the Common Kitchen, and residence rooms. You may consume your own alcohol in these areas. NOTE: Contravention of the liquor licence can result in significant fines (up to $10,000) and/or loss of the liquor license.

Meal Maintenance: If you plan to be away from the College for more than 1 calendar week or more in a given month, you may apply for “Meal Maintenance.” Meal Maintenance gives you a partial credit against future meal plan fees. Meal Maintenance requires at least 7 days advance notice of the leave. Application forms and further details are available in the Green College Office foyer.

Late Fees: The Green College Dining Society (GCDS) will enforce the following policy in regards to payment of Dining Society fees by all GCDS members:

  • A $25 late fee shall apply to any fee payments received after the first business day of the month.
  • This fee applied to the member’s GCDS fees and is in addition the late fee that may be charged by UBC Housing for late rent.
  • Extensions may be granted on compassionate grounds or based on unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the GCDS President.
  • A member in arrears for more than two months may have their membership rescinded and be evicted from Green College.

Termination Fees: If you cancel your Residence Contract with Student Housing and Hospitality Services (that is, do not stay to the end of the contract), you will be assessed a termination fee. The termination fee is modeled after the Residence Contract termination fees. You would owe the lesser of 25% of the total meal plan fees for the contract period at the full-month meal maintenance rate, or the remaining fees you would owe to the end of the contract period.

For example:

If the full monthly rate for meal maintenance* is $250, the total for the year is $250 x 12 mo = $3000. You would owe a maximum of $750, or the remainder of the months in the contract (whichever is lesser). If you cancelled your contract in June you'd owe for only two months (July, August) and the total owing would be $250 x 2 = $500.

*Meal maintenance rates are determined annually, and are listed on the meal maintenance forms found in this website's document library and at the Green College office.