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Once you arrive, you’ll need some time to settle in to your new living area, your department, and the UBC campus. The following is a checklist to help you get started.

Check-in at the office: As there is paperwork to be completed, check-in time for all incoming residents is during office hours, Monday to Friday 0900-1200 and 1300-1600 hours, excluding statutory holidays. You can also pay your first month’s rent and meal plan at the same time.

Fill out a room condition report: Make note of any damage or missing items in the room as soon as you move in, to ensure you are not responsible for any previous damages. These are completed online through UBC Housing’s Student Service Centre.

Meet your fellow residents: The best way to meet other residents is at meal times. Join the food line-up, sit at a table with other people, and introduce yourself to get to know your new neighbours.

Set up your room: Use the tips at What to Bring as a reference on how to outfit your room and get set up with the basic necessities.

Get to know your department: Meet your grad secretary, your supervisor, and others in your new Department. Find out what keys you’ll need, offices you have access to, and if you have a T.A. assignment or related training session to attend. Spend time getting acquainted with the locations and access requirements of photocopiers, mailboxes, bulletin boards, and other resources in your department.

Sign up for a CWL and UBC email address: Create your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) at the Student Services website with your student number, and your birthday (YYMMDD) as your password. The CWL login name you create will establish the name of your UBC interchange email address. To set up your email address and account, go to

Update your email address with the College: Be sure to keep your profile updated on the Green College website with the email address you would like to use for mailing lists (see What to Expect). Contact for updates.

Sign up for courses: With your CWL, log into the Student Service Centre and make sure to register for your desired courses.

Get your UBC identification card and U-Pass: Residents that are registered UBC students should go to the UBC carding office in the UBC Bookstore to have your photo taken and to obtain your UBC identification card. At the same time, you will be given your U-Pass, allowing you unlimited transit rides. Returning residents will receive their U-Pass in the mail.

Open a bank account: Branches of most banks are on the corner of 10th and Sasamat if you need to open an account, as well as in the UBC Village. Consult individual banks for documentation needed to open an account.

Set up direct deposit: Set up direct deposit on the UBC Finance website for any paid appointments at UBC. International graduate students will need to obtain a SIN number beforehand. Forms to do so are online and explained in the International Student Handbook.

Pay tuition: Pay by direct debit or bank transfer through the Student Service Centre website. Or, pay in person at the Enrolment Services Counter in Brock Hall (north of the Student Union Building). Once you arrive, you can set up future tuition payments to be deduced from your T.A. or fellowship cheques by submitting the appropriate form to UBC Finance.

Sign up for MSP: Complete an application form for the mandatory provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP) to obtain health care coverage in BC. It is recommended to sign up as soon as you start residing in BC, to allow for processing time. Coverage does not come into effect until about three months after you arrive.

Contact ICBC: If you are bringing or purchasing a car to use while at the College, and are a new resident to BC, you’ll need to register, license and insure your vehicle, and obtain a BC license unless you apply for a visiting student permit. See the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) for more information. For information on parking your car at UBC, see Getting Around.

Sign up for orientation: Several orientation events happen each September on campus, through the Graduate Student Society, International House, and theAlma Mater Society. There are also several orientation events for parents of new residents who are visiting the campus and would like to attend. Free tours of the UBC campus are also run daily through the Welcome Centre at Brock Hall, and a virtual tour is available on the UBC website.

Get involved! There are several opportunities to dive in and get involved at Green College when you arrive, from attending one of the many public lectures happening most nights of the week during the academic year, to participating on one of the many Resident Committees, on the Residents’ Council, or on a formal College Committee as a resident representative. Your experience is what you make of it!