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Parking: There is no parking directly on College grounds, however there is a temporary Loading Zone at the College entrance. These stalls are not managed and monitored by the College, but by UBC Parking, so be sure not to linger for too long in case of a ticket or tow!

Residents can purchase parking passes through UBC Parking at lots that are close to the College. Recommended lots are the Rose Garden Parkade, and the “E” lot at the end of Cecil Green Park Road. See the UBC Parking website for rates.

Visitors are advised to purchase parking at daily and hourly rates at either the Rose Garden Parkade or the “E” lot at the end of Cecil Green Park Road.

Taxis: There are several taxi companies operating in the Metro Vancouver area. Companies that are familiar with the UBC area and Green College are Black Top Cabs (604-731-1111) and Yellow Cabs (604-681-1111).

A one-way taxi ride to or from the airport, or to and from downtown Vancouver, costs about $40.

Public Transportation: Translink is the public transportation provider for the Metro Vancouver area, operating buses to and from the UBC campus, and skytrain and seabus services elsewhere in the Lower Mainland.

Buses to and from UBC operate out of the UBC Bus Loop just east of the Student Union Building. The Bus Loop is approximately a 10-15 minute walk southeast of Green College.

Residents who are students at UBC will be provided with a U-Pass bundled with their tuition fees, allowing unlimited travel.

For guests and non-student residents, travel within Vancouver costs $2.50, and an addition $1.25 for two zones to another municipality (Burnaby, Richmond, etc) weekdays before 6:30 pm. Buses take exact change only. One month passes are also available. Tickets, passes, and printed schedules are available on campus at the SUB Outpost, Shoppers Drugs and University Pharmacy.

For information on bus routes, visit theTranslink website or call 604-953-3333.