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Resident membership of Green College is open to UBC students who have been accepted into or are currently enrolled in a graduate-level program (Master’s or doctoral degree), to UBC-appointed Postdoctoral Scholars, and to Visiting Scholars (faculty members) from other institutions outside the Vancouver area who have a formal association with UBC. A limited number of places is available each year to graduate students enrolled in degrees at other universities who have the status of Visiting Students or Visiting Scholars at UBC. Resident membership of the College is not open to UBC faculty members.

Green College seeks Resident Members who can demonstrate academic distinction and the potential to be active, contributing participants in the community, and who express a clear interest in the interdisciplinary mandate of the College. In determining resident membership, the College also strives to achieve diversity in terms of academic discipline, gender and international representation.

Resident Members are selected by the College’s Membership Committee on the basis of a personal statement of interest and other materials submitted in accordance with application requirements for graduate students and Postdoctoral or Visiting Scholars.

Current or former graduate student Resident Members of St John's College, UBC are eligible to apply to be graduate student Resident Members of Green College. However, if admitted, the maximum period of their residence at the College will be reduced by the length of time they were previously resident at St. John's College.

In their personal statements of interest (500 words maximum with actual word count total included at bottom right of document page), prospective residents should outline their specific interdisciplinary interests or pursuits, extracurricular activities that demonstrate community involvement, and any relevant previous experience of living in an academic community or other communal environment. They should explain why they are interested in the College and how they intend to get involved in College life (see the Resident Member section for information on the activities of resident committees, and other ways to participate).

Prospective and current residents may also apply for their partners to join them in residence at the College. Partners do not need to be affiliated with a UBC department or program, but are required to submit documentations to support their application for residency. We regret that additional family members and children cannot be accommodated in residence at Green College. The admission of partners as Resident Members is subject to the availability of studio rooms.

Please note that our residential buildings are not generally suitable for persons with mobility or agility disabilities. Much of the property is on steep terrain, and there are many stairs throughout the facility. If you have a disability of this type and are interested in applying for resident membership, please contact for fuller information on the College’s ability to accommodate your needs.