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Residence Contract: Upon accepting resident membership at Green College, residents are issued a residence contract that outlines the terms and conditions of their residency.

Contracts for residence at Green College are typically offered and renewed on a year-to-year basis from September 1 to August 24. In all such cases, the end date of the contract will always be the end of August, unless you terminate your contract sooner. See the Green College Resident Contract on the UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) website for details.

Period of Residency: The College’s policy allows residents to stay in accommodation at Green College for a maximum of two years (from date of arrival) for Master’s degree students, three years for JD students and four years for doctoral degree students. The maximum period of residence for Postdoctoral Scholars is two years, and for Visiting Scholars one year.

The College will not normally admit UBC students or Postdoctoral Scholars as Resident Members who, at the time of commencing their residency, would already be within eight months of the expected completion date of their program or employment at the University.

Applications to reside at the College for less than an academic term (i.e. four months) will not be considered by the Membership Committee, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis; contact to inquire.

Visiting Students: Graduate students enrolled in degree programs at universities outside Canada who are interested in becoming Resident Members of the College for a period of not less than four consecutive months, and who expect to have the status of Visiting Student or Visiting Scholar at UBC, are encouraged to contact the Membership and Accommodations Coordinator at before applying. A limited number of places for such students is available each year.

Master’s students who transfer directly into a doctoral program at UBC, or who advance directly from a Master’s to a doctoral program, are entitled to prolong their period of residence by up to one year, provided they notify the College Office at least two months before the end of their current contract.

Absence from the College for Academic Reasons: Residents who need to spend time away from the College for academic/professional purposes (e.g., fieldwork, visiting archives, internship, exchange program, attendance at an institute) for periods of between two and four months may apply to the Principal for rent-relief for the period of their absence. Funding available for rent-relief is very limited and only a few requests can be accommodated each year.

If you know in advance that you will not be able to meet your academic obligations while continuing to pay for rent at the College, you should not accept the residence contract. If you think you may wish to apply for rent-relief for an absence from the College for academic reasons, contact .