April 13, 2011


Five Green College residents have been awarded Webster Fellowships for 2010-11: Yuanyuan Jiang, Denise Green, Kostadin Kushlev, Adam Jansen, and Christopher French.

The R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowships, endowed by The R. Howard Webster Foundation and the Province of British Columbia, are open to graduate students in any field studying at the University of British Columbia and who are Resident Members of Green College. Selection takes place through rankings made by the Student Awards Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, on the basis of academic excellence.

Yuanyuan Jiang is interested in the self-perceptions of individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms, as well as the treatment-related perceptions of potential receivers of empirically-supported treatments for ADHD. Her work focuses on gaining a thorough understanding of the nature of these self- and treatment-related perceptions, to allow for interventions that better consider these factors and improvements in current empirically-supported treatments for ADHD. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Denise Green’s research explores how material artifacts produced by Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations shape perceptions of place and traditional territories during a period of intense and uncertain legal and institutional changes, and amidst increasing population movement away from traditional village sites to larger urban centers.  She looks to ceremonial materials to understand how people articulate ties to landscape, identity, cultural knowledge, and one another, using collaborative ethnographic film production to communicate her research findings. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Anthropology.

Kostadin Kushlev researches what makes us happy. He is currently investigating the specific factors that might help parents derive greater benefits from interacting with their children. Kostadin is also interested in how new technologies (e.g., email, iPhones, blackberries) are affecting our well-being, productivity and our relationship with our work and with others. His research ideas are often inspired by his experiences and training in meditation. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology.

Adam Jansen
’s research interests center around the creation, use, preservation and forensic analysis of trustworthy digital records. In addition to his current research with the Centre of Investigation for Financial Electronic Records, he has been involved with the InterPARES research project at UBC, first as a co-investigator and then as a graduate research assistant, since 2008. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies, University of British Columbia.

Christopher French
’s research in both contemporary Philosophy of Science and the History of Philosophy of Science is concerned with how logical frameworks become legitimately influenced by pragmatic concerns. His interests lie in topics such as science policy, inductive risk, and the foundations of statistics, as well as in Philosophy of Biology.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy.


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